July 13, 2024

System for Racking and Storing offered by Myinterack

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Our Boltless Shelving System Malaysia is available in numerous Heavy Duty and Light Duty variations and is designed to shorten setup time. The boltless stacking system is a good choice for protecting items from damage since it is simple to set up and take down. For displaying and storing light-duty objects like office cabinetry and other lightweight things, we provide a boltless stainless steel stacking system. Without the use of bolts, nuts, screws, or other equipment, our component is an affordable racking solution that contains straightforward rack components for workplace installation.

To promote productivity and flexibility in your store’s operations, Heavy Duty Shelving Racks are intended to meet moderate usage or storage needs. They are available in several sizes and designs. Business.

Effective features of racking systems

  • With load capacities ranging from 700 to 3500 kg at each level, they are available in different sizes and functions.
  • Because a long-span shelf system is available, commodities may be physically loaded and unloaded without the use of any mechanical equipment.
  • May stock products, from the smallest parts to the biggest and most rigidly constructed things, can be altered to fit the specific demands of our clients.
  • Pressed-formed profiles should be used for strong construction.
  • A smooth surface and significant weight-carrying capacities are ensured by the press-formed deck panels.
  • It has more strength and stability since it has undergone chemical degreasing and de-rusting utilizing the hot phosphating process.
  • Flexible beam levels to accept a variety of item sizes; 
  • Easy to adapt to the needed load volume and to manage conditions; 
  • The optional powder-coated body guarantees a nice finish and long free of corrosion life, especially in wet zones.

For commercial, wholesale, and retail applications, the boltless shelf is a great heavy-duty solution. Without the need for fasteners, nuts, or bolts, rivet shelving, also known as boltless rack shelving, is simple to build and modify. Due to its durability, adaptability, and ease of customization, boltless racks are an excellent storage option for any institution. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles of standard and heavy-duty shelving to meet your shelving requirements in the retail store, garage, or factory.

To create your industrial shelving, choose from whole steel systems or individual parts. Adjustable shelves in 1.5′′ intervals are offered on most steel boltless panel shelving systems, making it simple to customize to match your goods or tools.

The Boltless Rack System Is Made For Lightweight Storage. This system’s parts are easy to put together and install without the use of any tools fasteners and nuts. There are several sizes available as well.

  • The shelves can be changed every 35mm, and are made of high-density fiberboard with steel centre supports.
  • For a boltless installation, just tap the components together through a rubber assembly mallet. 
  • Our production and safety standards have undergone extensive testing and verification.
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