July 13, 2024

Different Types and Functions of Modular Lighting

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Chandeliers are by far the most attractive pieces of decoration that you can have in your home. These crystal chandeliers appear like raindrops have been frozen and suspended from your ceiling to emit light. Their light bounces off the surface and flushed the room with freshness. Adding a chandelier is one of the best ways to get your customers in awe.

However, many producers in the market sell overpriced chandeliers with no aesthetic feel of their own. The cause of these chandeliers being overpriced is that there are many agents and middlemen involved in the business of chandeliers. This is why you never get the chandeliers at the price at which the artist sells them and the artist never gets the appropriate compensation.

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A vintage Clear Crystal Rectangular Chandelier is one of the bestselling pieces that Sofary has. This rectangular pendant light is ideal for dining areas and kitchens. It is a crystal chandelier which comes with K9 Crystal with Black Base. It is a minimal chandelier which gives a very immersive and cozy feel to the place in which it is suspended.

You can also check the sofary for the wide range of other chandeliers which are available with them.

Different forms of modular lighting

If you are look carefully, then you will be able to make out that the majority of the houses and hotels have an irregular and unusual light flow. Modular lighting can be described as the process in which we divide the components into smaller units of lighting. These smaller units are called modules. The good part is that these modules can be replaced and exchanged.

Forms and functions of modular lighting system 

The modular chandelier frame composes of 3 main systems which are connected in such a way that they complement each other. This creates a network of nodes and as a result, we get a multitude of frame shapes. An expert works with the customers to make the ideal style, size and shape of the chandelier to fit the space.

The final component is the hanging rods and round canopy. The polished chrome frame may be installed as a semi-flush mount or suspended from the rods. It’s important to note that the number of hanging rods and canopies needed depends on the design, length and weight. The actual rod height is not an issue as they are threaded and screwed together.


Chandeliers are nothing new today. They have been with us since the times of kings and they added value to the palaces in the past. Today, these chandeliers are not the exclusive domain of elites. You can find many great chandeliers in your budget too.


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