April 24, 2024

Considerations For Buying A New Air Cooler

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Choosing the correct air cooler might be challenging, but it can be the ideal answer to escape the oppressive heat. Choosing the best air cooler and keeping in mind its attributes might be challenging since there are so many alternatives available. One must choose an appliance that satisfies all of their demands and requirements since it is a purchase that is meant to improve their lives.

Therefore, the following factors should be taken into account while buying an air cooler this summer:

• Water Tank Capacity: The operation of air coolers is well known to all of us. The water is transformed into water vapor during the evaporative cooling process. As a result, the air being blasted through the fans is cooled even more. To ensure that the air temperature control operates for a longer period of time, it is always preferable to have air coolers with bigger tank capacities. Whether you need a 50L air cooler for your hallway or a tiny air cooler for your room, Air Coolers has a large selection of air coolers with various water tank sizes.

Cooling Pads: Because they directly affect how hot air is converted to cold, cooling pads are the most important component. Cooling pads come in two varieties: wood wool cooling pads and honeycomb cooling pads. You can pick the kind of cooling pads with ease since water coolers come with both sorts.

• Roo Size: This is one of the most important factors to take into account when purchasing an air cooler. Installing an air cooler in accordance with the size of your space is crucial. Always verify your room’s specifications. We provide the greatest air coolers for homes in a variety of sizes, including the Tall Boy and Glam ranges.

• Design: The air cooler’s design is important at all times! When purchasing the finest air coolers in India, whether they be tower air coolers or castor wheels, one must exercise caution. The air cooler is simple to move from one room to another thanks to the castor wheels. This is because you want to utilize it in several rooms, which will increase efficiency and require less work.

• Remote Control & Inverter Function: One of the most incredible developments of the summer is an air cooler that is inverter compatible. Air coolers are renowned for using less energy. You have the most practical choice when it comes to combating the heat with power outages when this quality is paired with inverter compatibility.

Dehydration Cooling

By directing warm, dry outside air through water-filled filter pads, the evaporative cooler operates. As a result, water evaporation into the heated air lowers its temperature and raises its humidity level. This cooling technique is best suited for regions with very hot, dry summers. The easiest way to make the system operation is to leave a door or window open so that warm air can escape the windows and cold air can enter via cooler vents.


  • Reasonably affordable to operate as just a tiny water pump and a fan need electricity
  • Slightly lower setup expenses (than a split system air conditioner)
  • Easy, small installation
  • Makes sure that your house has a steady flow of fresh, cooled air
  • Some dust and pollen are captured by filter pads.
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