April 24, 2024

Perfect Modern Crystal Chandeliers to Beautify Your Bedroom

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When installing lights in your bedroom, you must consider crystal chandeliers. They are the best to enhance the beauty of your room. Hanging a chandelier can have a huge impact on your bedroom, thus you need to ensure that the light is both appropriate as well as practical. Modern chandeliers are perfect when compared to traditional ones.

Modern chandeliers come with LED lights that perfectly blend the contemporary and traditional design aspects. A few modern chandeliers could have miniature mirrors or transparent crystal prisms. They may have numerous bulbs attached to their branches or arms. If you are keen on having a traditional style light, then you could hang a contemporary design chandelier using a chain.

Modern Chandeliers

The following are some modern chandeliers to hang over your bedroom:

  • Contemporary Round Linear Aluminum Chandelier
  • Rectangular Multi-Layer Cloud Design Crystal Chandelier
  • Modern Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier
  • Contemporary Round Crystal Chandelier
  • Elegant Moons and Stars Crystal Chandelier

For more options, you could visit the Sofary website. They offer a wide variety of luxurious modern crystal chandeliers for your dining room, living room, and even kitchen. Also, they offer quality assurance with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping to their customers.

Guide To Follow For Perfect Bedroom Chandeliers

By choosing perfect modern chandeliers, you can add ambient lighting, creativeness, a sense of style, and a classy look to your bedroom. Given below are the ideas that you need to consider for placement, sizing, and hanging your chandelier.

Choosing the Right Size

Generally, any chandelier size depends on the place, whether it is a smaller bedroom or a larger one.

  • Centered Placement
  • Chandelier can be placed over the foot of the bed for center placement.
  • A simple formula will help determine what size of chandelier you need to buy.
  • Measure and add the length and breadth of your room.
  • Convert the result into inches that are equal to the diameter of a chandelier with the appropriate size.
  • Placing over the Bed
  • Chandelier’s fixture is placed exactly over your bed.
  • Here, the size of the chandelier depends upon the bed’s size.
  • A large chandelier for a smaller bedroom and vice versa simply ruins the look and décor.
  • Usually, a thirty-six-inch chandelier is best suitable over a king-or queen-sized bed, and twenty-four inches suits a full- or twin-sized bed.
  • For a larger bedroom, make sure to add any of the light such as table lamps, sconces, or ceiling fixtures to balance light evenly with a posh look throughout the room.

Determining the Height

  • No matter where it is hung, its bottom needs to be approximately seven feet above the floor.
  • If you plan over your bed, ensure that the light fixture is not too close to it. Thus, check whether you can sit easily and climb in and out of your bed.
  • It should not be an obstruction while watching your TV

However, it would be ideal if you choose to go with two small chandeliers on either side of your bedroom.

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