What’s The ISO?

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international, non-governmental organization that creates standards to improve the safety and quality of products, services and systems. New standards are being developed and implemented as technology advances.

The ISO was officially established in 1947 with 67 technical commissions. These are groups of experts that focus on a particular subject. The ISO has grown to include nearly 800 technical committees and subcommittees as well as 165 member nations over the past 75 years and more than 23,000 international standardizations.

What Does “ISO Certified” Mean?

The ISO certification signifies that your business has been independently audited and has demonstrated that it meets the standards of the International Standards Organization. This certification means that your processes are efficient and effective and conform to international best practices.

This will be a benefit to your company, both internally and externally. You will be able to deliver better quality products and services that are more appealing to your customers. They will also appreciate the timely delivery. Externally, you can market this fact to the outside world, which will result in higher sales and a wider range of customers. Solid processes are key to high-quality products and a strong reputation.

Many ISO certifications are specific to each industry. They cover everything from energy management and social accountability to occupational health and safety and risk management. Each ISO Certification Australia can be classified numerically, in addition to being based on its own set of standards and criteria. The ISO certification for quality management systems, ISO 9001:2015, is an example. It was published in 2015.

Keep Up-To-Date With The Latest Industry Standards And Regulations

Your manufacturing company can demonstrate that it is capable of producing high-quality products that comply with all industry regulations, deliver on time, and delight customers by obtaining the ISO certification. This certification is vital for your business because your products must reflect the steps taken to ensure consistency and trust in a global market. Practically speaking, ISO certification means that your company has all the resources and equipment necessary to create your product or service.

Encourage Trust With Customers

Your manufacturing company can be ISO 9001 certified. This means that your work demonstrates compliance with the ISO standards. Customers and regulators have confidence in your products and the fact that your business follows all procedures and documentation.

How To Get ISO Certified?

ISO certification is not available to individuals. Only businesses and organizations can become ISO certified. The certification is not provided by ISO. Certifications can only be obtained through third-party organisations. As you might expect, however, the ISO has a Committee on Conformity Assessment that manages the qualification process.

You must evaluate several agencies before you choose the certification body for your organization. It is important to check if the agency follows the most current standards and if they have been accredited. Many factors affect the time it takes to complete certification training. These include the level of preparation, the size of the organization and its complexity. Most people can expect to get their certification within three to six months.

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